About Us

Kathi Oates has been a leader in the inner healing community for the past 18 years. The signature verse for Kathi and Healing the Brokenhearted ministries is Isaiah 61:1-3.  She has a heart to see the Body of Christ healed and restored to wholeness.  The healing tools she uses during ministry have their foundations in the mandate of Isaiah 61 and of course in Isaiah 53 ( the experiential reality of the finished work of Jesus on the cross).

She is a published author, has appeared on a number of television shows discussing freedom from trauma and inner healing and has also been on several radio talk shows in various countries.  Kathi has traveled all over the world to bring mass healing to cultures and peoples.

God’s heart is to heal His people so they in turn can reach out and bring healing to a desperate dying world. Healing the Brokenhearted is one of the many ministries God is using at this time to bring wholeness to the Body of Christ.